Getting Caught in the Buff! – The Buff Neckwear Review


To be honest, i was very happy with the choice of title for this review. As pun-tastic as it sounds, it goes well with my alias of ‘The Naked Fly Fisher’.  Putting all innuendos aside, I am going to tell you why it’s ok to get caught in the Buff.


Every time I am out fishing, I get asked what the ‘thing’ is round my neck. I often wondered if people were genuinely being serious, but the very same people continued to ask the very same question time and time again. This raised my suspicions slightly.

Despite the Buff being very popular in other parts of the globe, it still hasn’t properly taken off with UK and Irish anglers. I soon realised it was a question directed to me with condescending undertones. I mean how dare a man wear a scarf when out fishing? Or even better, why would I even entertain the idea of wearing one in summer? Questions were indirectly asked whether I was attention seeking or trying to make a unique fashion statement? The answer is actually neither… I am taking advantage of the versatility that this product offers me as an angler.  This opening paragraph fits very well with one of Buff’s main company hashtags on social media #CHANGEYOURATTITUDE . So I think I will have a go at doing just that for Buff (even if Buff and i don’t know each other personally).

What is this product?20180211_214334
First developed in 1991 by Joan Rojas, in a small town outside Barcelona in Spain, it was originally designed for wind protection while motorcycling. Since then, it has evolved into a multifunctional product from a well renowned brand which can be used as a scarf, hat, bandana, wristband, beanie, mask, headband and even a hairband. For further info check the links below:
Buff USA
Buff UK
Buff EU

Reasons i choose to wear a Buff:

In fair weather: burnI am one of those people that sunburns like a ginger (or to be politically correct, someone with red hair). As soon as the sun is out at all, I go red. I blame my skin’s lack of exposure to UV rays and vitamin D, courtesy of my regular 9-5 job. Long gone are the days when I used to bronze up and look like a tourist within my own country.  Strangely enough, it’s always my neck which gets the worst of it and more often than enough, leads to headaches as a result of over exposure to the sun. As we already know, over exposure to UV rays can lead to other long term health problems such as skin cancer. So I always find it crucial to wrap up from now on.


I can wear a light jacket, or a top, but my neck remains exposed. Topping up with sunblock isn’t always the saving grace as my regular angling buddies can testify. Also when the angling gets good, you become more and more focused on the angling itself and not the need to apply more sunblock over the day. Here’s where the Buff fits in nicely as a neckscarf. However, the main issue for me becomes choice of headwear and a neckscarf sometimes that maybe isn’t always the best way as you can see from the picture above. Therefore the ‘Sahara’ might be the best choice. as you can see here. The beauty of it is that you can also wear a baseball cap over it and still not feel too warm thanks to the breathability and coolmax technology, protecting the main area behing your ears and neck.

In bad weather:  From one extreme to the other, most anglers will complain about the wind before they will complain about the amount of sun they will  I personally, hate wind burn, just like sunburn. There’s nothing worse than standing all day, then coming home with a face like a ripened tomato and wondering how you got burned. Some coats like the Airflo Defender have a storm flap, which protects your face slightly in bad weather. The beauty of the Buff, is that when using it like a face mask, it protects you from the elements, while remaining breathable which in turn spreads heat across your face.

On another note, I am a recently diagnosed asthmatic. One of my triggers is cold air, which is a non issue once again, when I wear the Buff as a face mask. This makes sure that the air is warmed as I breathe it in, removing one of my triggers.

If the elements aren’t too bad, but it’s still a bit cold, I use it as an additional protective liner in a hat, or just wear it round my neck as a small scarf. I know it uses Coolmax Pro technology but the beauty is it keeps me warm in cool conditions and cool in warm conditions.

20180211_215301So are Buffs limited to fishing?
No. I do a bit of running and would wear it as either a wrist band or a headband in warm weather and use as a facemask in cool or windy weather. I even wear it to work. Plenty of ideas how to wear it in my youtube video Ways to wear your Buff

On the summer evenings I have worn it as a mask to stop me swallowing countless swarms of flies while I am out on the bike. For actual pirates, wrestlers or people who like to fancy dress as both, there’s the option of using one as a badass pirate bandana (pictured).

Key Features:
(Please note that different Buffs have different properties and these mainly apply to the UV versions)

Versatility – It can do a job for any person at any time of the year.  (Click here for ways to wear your Buff)


Polygiene Technology – This useful technology uses low concentrations of silver chloride  within the textile production which prevents the growth of odor causing bacteria due to it’s antiomicrobial properties. This not only keeps your garment ‘fresh’ but allows repeated wearing before a wash is required as well as improving the longevity of the product

95% UV Radiation Protection – As previously stated, this basically means that it reduces the UV exposure that your skin will receive, while remaining breathable and keeping you cool with their Coolmax Pro.

Coolmax Pro – This is a patented fabric brand which comprise of a series of specially engineered polyster fibres which improve breathability, while wicking away moisture from the skin and increasing the evaporation potential. Basically if you need to cover your face and breathe, you won’t feel like you are suffocating!

The variety – There is almost an infinite catalogue of quirky and fashionable designs  for any angler who wants to dip their toe in the water. For the extremely subtle, there are more plain and natural colours and for the eccentric ones or those with a bit more personality, there are a wide range of choices. My personal faves are the brown trout and the De Young print trout.20180211_214633

This should be on the top of every angler’s clothing list. As well as my rod and reel, this is the very first item of clothing that I set aside for every trip. If i set off on a trip without it, i would turn back to get it, without any hesitation.It’s sheer versatility has won me over.
I now wear mine to travel to and from work, saving me from cold wintery mornings to hot summer evenings and I also use it quite a lot when running.

It’s like making a new best friend that supports you for whatever choice you decide to make in your life. As your friendship blossoms, you find they become more involved in other aspects of your life. This is the case for the Buff in my own life as i have began to increase my collection to benefit other lifestyle requirements such as running, cycling, hiking etc.

Sadly, the only drawbacks of this product are that there is too much choice. The other drawbacks are that it can’t cook, clean or wash.

So next time I get asked why I wear a scarf, be prepared for a long response as to why I will remain in the Buff!

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Very satisfied customer

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