The End of an Aura- The Wychwood RS

The end of an Aura…
After clearing out property a few years ago, the Wychwood Aura accidently became a 5 piece instead of a 4 piece. I was gutted. It was a beautiful rod and after being unsuccessful in sourcing a replacement section, or someone to fix it, I gave up and decided it was time to go all out for another new rod. My best friend had acquired a 9ft 6inch 7WT Wychwood RS and even just looking at the rod itself, I wanted one too! I had read many things about them, but i wanted to know more about what i was getting for the price. Even bargaining for a quick cast with his, i was throwing out line with no effort. But one cast was not enough. I needed a day at it.
What was i looking for?

I was looking for a rod which i could use on a stillwater, but not feel out of touch with some of the large migratory brown trout which run my local river in the summer. Basically a multi-purpose rod that offered both river and stillwater fishing. I wanted something that could do the work for me. I settled on testing the Wychwood RS but in a 9ft 6inch 6WT.

What’s in the tube?
The RS came wrapped in a rod bag and encased in an elegant carbon fibre rod tube.  Both the bag and the tube come emblazoned with Wychwood branding. It was nice to note that a lot of care had went into the wrapping presentation of the product, which brought out that childlike suspense when you got a new toy and couldn’t unwrap it quick enough!20170528_200051
The Design
The rod came 4 pieces, with a sleek, grey matt finish, which is useful when casting at wary trout. I personally believe light flashing off a glossy or shiny blank can spook fish but then there are others who believe this to be nonsense. Each to their own I suppose. The rod assembly itself was relatively straightforward and was aided by alignment dots on each blank, ensuring perfect eye alignment before casting. A nice simple feature.20170528_200209
The rod featured a half wells cork handle with a black aluminium reel seat with a stylish carbon fibre effect surrounding the name.  I know the 7WT version features a full wells. So take this into account if it’s a feature you desperately feel you need in your rod. It makes very little difference to me personally, but I do know Anglers who prefer it when pursuing bigger fish. Another thing I have failed to mention, this rod is very light. 98g to be precise, which you will agree is quite light in comparison to most rods this size which are normally 40-50g heavier!
The Rod Action
This medium
to fast action rod was superb at loading line and accurately throwing it a great distance with minimal effort. IMG-20170513-WA0008You can really feel it loading right to the handle. I added the equally light and stylish Wychwood Truefly SLA Mk 2 reel, loaded with the 6wt Weight Forward Wychwood Rocket Floater, balancing the rod perfectly. This setup really took advantage of the action, allowing me to cover trout out of normal casting range with very little effort involved.
Inaccessible trout have now become more accessible to me as an angler with the RS. I noticed that trout were subdued quicker and easier on the RS. The may be because the whole rod works hard, top to bottom, allowing more control in the fight.  received_1424012007645305-01However some of the bends are absolutely spectacular when you see them in a photograph. The key thing is that at no point does it feel like a weak rod during the fight.
Final Opinion
The RS is a top of the range rod at a mid-range price. It was strong, accurate and great for the distance caster given its ability to load and distribute easily. In the fight, it reminds the fish who is boss. The rod wins points for both presentation of product and presentation of line or fly. It is certainly clear that Wychwood have spared no expense on design and presentation with both the RS and the Truefly SLA Mk 2, producing a bold and innovative mid-range collection that look and function like top of the range models.

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