The Re-launch (If you can call it that!)

It only occurred to me when i was moving house a few years ago, how much fishing gear i had accumulated over the years. A lot of it was fishing gear that i needed and a lot of it was gear that i didn’t need but thought i would need sometime. The strange thing is that i never needed it, and most of my hoarding stemmed from not having the right advice.

  • Do i really need a line tray?
  • Will i ever use fingerless gloves?
  • Gink gel? Fly Mucilin, Floatant Spray, Floatant powder?

These were some of the questions i wish i asked myself at the time, but at the time there were not enough opinions to hand, or not enough people to consult, other than the guy who is trying to sell you the product!

Fishing has changed somewhat and there is so much gadgetry that people don’t know about and should know about. Again, most of the time i have became aware of such products recently, has been social media and word of mouth.

After a previous venture as a social media consultant, almost several years ago, i always wanted to use those channels to talk about something i liked. That thing i like is fishing! i review every fishing thing i buy. Why? Because then I know if the goods are meeting my needs, then there is somebody in a scenario who may benefit from that opinion.

So here i am, relaunching to a wider audience and on more platforms than before. I am more inspired and hoping to inspire others who just have questions to ask, or opinions to seek. I hope i am that person that might just help you make up your mind.

Enjoy the ride.

The Naked Fly Fisher

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